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When First Responders Are Injured, Who Responds For Them?

A firefighter injured in the line of duty shouldn’t have to wonder if his department will pay for the surgery recommended by his doctor. Yet, that’s precisely what a firefighter in one Illinois municipality is experiencing. He needs surgery due to an injury sustained while battling a fire. The village’s response has been to engage their private [...] Read more

Don't Try To Escape Jury Duty!

You’re called for jury duty. Your first thought? If you’re like many people, you’re trying to figure a way to get out of it. In a word: Don’t. One of the most important elements of what makes America truly great is that ours is the only country where someone injured due to someone else's carelessness can have their case decided by a jury of their [...] Read more

Widow’s Rights: What To Do If Your Loved One Is Killed In An Accident

Late one evening, our client was hard at work at an industrial laundry when tragedy struck and he suffered a fatal head injury caused by a defect in the safety mechanisms of a laundry machine. Our client sadly left behind a widow and several children. In the wake of this horrible accident, what are a spouse’s or child’s rights to compensation? The [...] Read more

A Workers’ Compensation Claim And A Lawsuit: How One Case Quickly Becomes Two

He’d made this delivery many times before, but this was the one he’d remember for all the wrong reasons. Because on this delivery, a defect in a stairwell led to a fall down a flight of stairs and a traumatic brain injury that’s still symptomatic and keeping our client off work months later. We filed a workers’ compensation claim for our client [...] Read more

Gordon Law Recovers $20 Million For Clients In 2018

Gordon Law Offices is proud of the outstanding results achieved for its clients in the past year. Specifically, we recovered $20 million for our clients in 2018 across a wide array of cases that included: Auto Accidents Slip-And-Falls Product Liability Workers’ Compensation We’re grateful not only for the trust and confidence of these clients but [...] Read more

Are Truck Drivers Employees Or Independent Contractors?

Most long-haul truck drivers are assumed to be independent contractors – but are they? If you’re a trucker, ask yourself these questions: Who decides when you work? Who decides the route you take? Who decides where you get gas? Who owns the cab? The trailer? Whose logo is on the cab? The trailer? Do you have to wear a uniform? There’s a reason why [...] Read more

Solutions For Spanish-Speaking Clients Don’t Come By Accident

At Gordon Law Offices, we provide a staff fluent in Spanish to help members of the Hispanic community who have recently been injured. Accidents and injuries are already frustrating enough. We believe that adding a language barrier just adds another layer of trauma for our client. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and you are [...] Read more

Q: “How Long Does A Professional Athlete Have To File A Workers’ Claim In Illinois?”

A: In Illinois, there is a three-year statute of limitations for an employee to file a workers’ compensation claim against his or her employer. This applies equally to athletes injured in the NFL, NHL, AHL, NBA, WNBA, MLB and MLS. If you are a professional athlete who has been injured within the last three years, don’t think you can wait until [...] Read more

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