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How Gordon Law Puts Its Nationwide Connections To Work

What happens when injuries occur outside of Illinois? At Gordon Law Offices, we know that having strong relationships with attorneys in every major city in the country can be essential to ensure that your potential case moves along efficiently, whether the accident occurred in Illinois or not. For example, we recently took on a case where an [...] Read more

Beyond Workers’ Comp: How Machine Accidents Can Raise Additional Liability Questions

When a personal injury occurs in an industrial setting, it may lead to more than just a workers’ compensation claim. Case in point: Take the example of a recent claim by a worker who lost his hand in a horrible accident with a notching machine that had a hydraulic blade. The machine itself had very little safety protections to prevent this type of [...] Read more

Injured And The Next Best Job Pays Much Less – What Now?

You’re a union plumber who has been on the job for 30 years making a solid hourly wage. Life is good and retirement seems to be on the horizon in another 10 years or so. That’s when the completely unexpected happens – you have an accident on the job that causes a devastating injury to your shoulder. The diagnosis hurts even more: You can’t do the [...] Read more

The Smartest Tool To Help Protect Ride-Sharing Drivers In An Accident

“I drive for a ride sharing company, so I'm on the road all the time. How do I limit my liability to frivolous lawsuits?” More people are on the road than ever as ride-sharing drivers supporting their income. With more drivers inevitably come – you guessed it – more accidents. While some assume that ride-share drivers are always at fault, that’s [...] Read more

How A GoPro Cam Could Be Your Best Friend During An Accident

When you’re in an accident, there can be a lot of ensuing “he said, she said” between you and the other driver if there isn’t readily available camera footage. Fortunately, rather than relying on someone else’s camera capturing the event and hoping for the best, take the initiative and get your own dashboard camera in the form of a GoPro. At the [...] Read more

9 Questions To Ask When You’re Injured In An Accident

In the moment you’re in an accident, your mind is racing. After all, it’s an incredibly traumatic event and thinking rationally isn’t something that comes natural. However, knowing what questions to ask – and get answered – when you’re injured in an accident can be absolutely vital to your potential case. Timing is everything. Don’t wait to ask [...] Read more

Pro Athletes Should Watch For Insurance Companies Claiming “Cumulative Trauma”

Practically every professional athlete is likely to suffer some cumulative wear and tear to their bodies over the course of a playing career. However, some disability insurance policies may use that cumulative trauma as a basis to deny disability benefits when a serious injury ends a player’s career. Gordon Law Offices recently litigated a claim [...] Read more

Know Your Limits: Why Automobile Insurance Is So Important

If you are injured in some way, there’s a good chance that it’s going to be due to a car accident. As personal injury attorneys, we’ve seen enough statistics on that to know. Not only are you likely to be in a car accident, but you’ll probably be in an accident at least once in your life where someone else caused the wreck. There’s a good chance [...] Read more

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