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Richard R. Gordon, Owner

“I tear your case apart to look at it from all angles. Then I give you an honest assessment of what I find—and what you can expect. You have my promise to work diligently for you, to get you the best possible results, and to keep you informed all along the way.”

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Richard always wanted to be a lawyer. He grew up watching his father—a well-­respected Chicago attorney—stand up for the rights of the wrongfully injured and disadvantaged against some of the most powerful corporate law firms in town.

After earning his law degree from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Richard specialized in commercial litigation. He represented insurance companies against accident victims in state and federal courts at the trial and appellate levels. “This is where I really learned to dissect a case,” he says. “To anticipate and neutralize the strategies used by my opponents and get the best results for my insurance company clients.”

But Richard’s true calling was to help the "underdog"— the accident victim whose physical injuries and legal rights the insurance companies were so adept at sidestepping. He wanted to use his experience and knowledge of insurance company strategy to protect and preserve the dignity and the rights of injured individuals.

So he opened Gordon Law Offices, Ltd. “I didn’t want to answer to anyone else about the care of my clients,” he explains. “They should get the best possible attention and be top of mind for our staff. They should always know what’s happening—and that we’re as concerned about them as we are about their case."

Richard has a record of success, earning his clients millions in settlements and being recognized as both a Super Lawyer and one of Chicago's Top Forty under 40 attorneys to watch. He represents individuals in complex personal injury lawsuits and professional workers’ compensation claims.The results they see, combined with Richard’s passionate approach, lead clients to return to him for their legal needs. They also send their family and friends to Gordon Law Offices. Even opposing attorneys respect Richard’s skills enough to refer their own clients to him.

If these clients and colleagues trust Richard, isn’t it worth a conversation to learn if he is the right representative for you?

Tod Rottman, Trial Attorney

“Too often, the injured lack the strong counsel that insurance companies with deep pockets receive. Accident victims deserve that higher standard of representation too. I believe I can deliver just that for my clients because I live and breathe this 24 hours a day.”

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Even when he was serving as an insurance defense attorney, Tod exhibited a great compassion for those who were legitimately injured. Today, as a personal injury attorney at Gordon Law Offices, Tod brings a unique perspective on how insurance companies and their lawyers evaluate cases. This intimate knowledge serves our clients well from the start of the case all the way through trial.

Coming from a family of police officers, Tod was always fascinated by the law and how it impacts people on a daily basis. Following this passion to Benedictine University and then the DePaul University College of Law, Tod would go on to become heavily involved in cases related to medical malpractice, nursing home discrimination, product liability, automobile and trucking accidents and other catastrophic personal injury matters. His trial experience extends to car accidents, medical malpractice, slip-and-fall liability and traumatic brain injury, several of which resulted in million-dollar verdicts.

Tod is frequently complimented for his ability to objectively examine the nuances of his cases, blending his strong advocacy on our client’s behalf with a practical assessment of every aspect of the case. As a result, he isn’t blinded by unforeseen developments and keeps clients well apprised of what lies ahead, so our clients always have realistic expectations of the results they may receive.

Robert Thomas, Associate

“I love throwing myself into my work and the intellectual challenge it provides every day. My philosophy is that you get what you give. Facts are your friends and I love searching for them, making sure I’m more prepared than every person who walks in that courtroom.”

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Rob didn’t know he wanted to be a lawyer right away – in fact, during his undergraduate studies at North Park University, he thought he would become a pastor or doctor. His motivation to help others in the community was always a high priority. Yet, it was only after feeling the influence of two family members who were alumni of John Marshall Law School that Rob followed in their footsteps and found his true calling in the law.

Clerking in a firm’s workers’ compensation department provided Rob with the experience of real-life cases and the human-oriented interaction he craved. Soon after, he had the opportunity to clerk for the Cook County State’s Attorney, where he gained experience handling bench trials and arguing motions.

Today, as an Associate at Gordon Law Offices, Rob is highly passionate about representing our clients in complex personal injury cases. Rob views the law as leveling the playing field while he acts as the equalizer and strong voice for our clients. He is that rare breed of attorney who knows how to check his bias and ego at the door, with a humble approach that sees every client as a true equal worthy of respect.

Do you want the same aggressive approach to litigation that has led to favorable results for so many of our clients? Call us at 312-332-5200 or email us to schedule a free consultation.