How A GoPro Cam Could Be Your Best Friend During An Accident

On behalf of Gordon Law Offices, Ltd.   |  Aug 12, 2018   |  Firm News

When you’re in an accident, there can be a lot of ensuing “he said, she said” between you and the other driver if there isn’t readily available camera footage. Fortunately, rather than relying on someone else’s camera capturing the event and hoping for the best, take the initiative and get your own dashboard camera in the form of a GoPro.

At the time of the accident nobody knows who was actually at fault, but with a dashboard camera like a GoPro in your vehicle, you can download the footage to view for yourself. In an instant, you can get a solid sense of how you were driving and how fast you were going – or how fast the other driver was going. Having this kind of visual evidence is invaluable every time you drive, so we encourage you to look into this kind of tool for your dashboard to help provide strong quality visual evidence that can reinforce your recollection of events.

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