Beyond Workers’ Comp: How Machine Accidents Can Raise Additional Liability Questions

On behalf of Gordon Law Offices, Ltd.   |  Sep 06, 2018   |  Firm News

When a personal injury occurs in an industrial setting, it may lead to more than just a workers’ compensation claim.

Case in point: Take the example of a recent claim by a worker who lost his hand in a horrible accident with a notching machine that had a hydraulic blade. The machine itself had very little safety protections to prevent this type of accident – literally a plywood board was the only element behind the machine that could serve as a barrier between the machine and a worker’s hand.

Gordon Law Offices took on this workers’ compensation case and ultimately settled with our client’s employer.

Yet, that was only part of the total picture for us. The workers’ compensation case didn’t include the company that manufactured the machine. As the manufacturer of a faulty machine was also responsible for our client’s injury, we are now pursuing a separate claim against that company.

There are all kinds of different safety features that are reasonable for a manufacturer to include, but some simply don’t take these measures due to cost-cutting or a lack of foresight.

If you work in an industrial environment and have been injured as the direct result of a machine you have been using, you may have more than a workers’ compensation claim. Contact Gordon Law Offices at 312-332-5200 so that we can understand the extent of your injuries and investigate the machine further for potential liability. The party responsible for your injuries may not solely be your employer, but the manufacturer as well.

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