How Gordon Law Puts Its Nationwide Connections To Work

On behalf of Gordon Law Offices, Ltd.   |  Oct 15, 2018   |  Firm News

What happens when injuries occur outside of Illinois? At Gordon Law Offices, we know that having strong relationships with attorneys in every major city in the country can be essential to ensure that your potential case moves along efficiently, whether the accident occurred in Illinois or not.

For example, we recently took on a case where an Illinois widow’s husband was killed in a Kansas automobile accident. As we work for our client, we’re going to need legal resources in multiple states.

As you can imagine, coordinating these efforts will require a number of legal resources coming together at the right time, all for the purpose of achieving a satisfactory result for our client here in Illinois. When our connections at Gordon Law Offices are working for you, it’s easier to overcome these seemingly challenging logistics. So don’t assume an accident in a different state is too difficult for anyone to address. Talk to us today at 312.332.5200 and discover how the power of our legal network can quickly come together on your behalf.