When First Responders Are Injured, Who Responds For Them?

On behalf of Gordon Law Offices, Ltd.   |  Feb 11, 2019   |  Firm News

A firefighter injured in the line of duty shouldn’t have to wonder if his department will pay for the surgery recommended by his doctor. Yet, that’s precisely what a firefighter in one Illinois municipality is experiencing. He needs surgery due to an injury sustained while battling a fire. The village’s response has been to engage their private lawyers to avoid having to pay for the surgery.

All the while, a first responder is living in pain every day – and by the way, still serving as a firefighter trying to protect the village. Representing first responders like this is something we’re always proud to do at Gordon Law Offices.

Meanwhile, another client of ours, this one a county sheriff’s deputy, is still working in the courthouse despite chronic back problems caused by her job duties. You would think the sheriff’s department would make accommodations for her injury – but you would be wrong. Gordon Law Offices is representing her and seeking both compensation and accommodations so she can continue working.

Finally, you might assume a courtroom would be a relatively safe environment. But there are constantly scuffles that deputies respond to and that lead to injuries protecting the people in the courtroom, the attorneys and the judge. Gordon Law Offices has settled cases to help compensate these officers for their injuries and missed time from work.

Firefighters and law enforcement injured on the job should be protected. They shouldn’t have to experience obstacles on the road to recovery and financial compensation. Yet, they face these challenges all the time in Illinois. That’s where Gordon Law Offices steps in to represent these first responders.

So if you’re a firefighter, police officer or other first responder who has recently been injured on the job and you feel you’re not being well accommodated by your employer for your injuries, the time to call Gordon Law Offices is now at 312.332.5200.