The Most Dangerous Highways in Chicago

On behalf of Gordon Law Offices, Ltd.   |  May 07, 2021   |  Car Accidents

The danger of driving is multiplied on some of Chicago’s busiest highways and intersections. Design complexities and high traffic volume make these roadways more dangerous than others. As a result, drivers should be extra careful when passing through the areas.

Dangerous Highways in Chicago

Interstate 290

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, I-290 between Cicero Avenue and Mannheim Road has the highest rate of car accidents in the Chicago area. About 2,000 accidents occur on the eight-mile stretch every year. This portion of I-290 connects Downtown Chicago to the suburbs, resulting in the Eisenhower Expressway getting heavily used.

Interstate 90/94

I-90/94 Westbound is a 13-mile stretch that starts at 35th Street and continues to the Edens Junction. It usually has heavy traffic. I-90 Eastbound, which starts at I-294 and runs to the Kennedy Expressway at the Edens Expressway merge, also poses an increased accident risk for motorists. The Dan Ryan Expressway that branches off from I-90 is prone to extreme traffic and crashes.

Chicago’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Stony Island and South Chicago Avenue

IDOT named it as the area’s most dangerous intersection. In an average year, it has more than 60 accidents. Several issues combine to make this intersection the most dangerous one in Chicago, such as:

  • Complicated design
  • Extremely busy, with cyclists, pedestrians, and more than 70,000 vehicles traveling on it on any given day
  • Too many people run red lights
  • The railway forces lane change

Western Avenue and Peterson Avenue

About 50 accidents happen at this intersection each year. The intersection has too much traffic spread over its many lanes. Motorists running red lights, car dealerships, and drivers entering or exiting parking lots also pose a safety risk.

Kedzie Avenue and Belmont Avenue

This confusing intersection is flanked by one-way roads on either side. Drivers must maintain a heightened level of awareness and watch out for traffic on multiple lanes concurrently. Consequently, many accidents occur here every year.

Knowing the risks involved and taking proactive preparations helps people reduce the dangers they face when traveling through these highways and intersections. It is crucial not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs and avoid distractions like cell phone use. In high danger routes, a person can become a victim of an accident because of the recklessness of another motorist. Such a person can discuss his or her legal options with an accident attorney in Chicago.