Turns and Curves Especially Dangerous for Motorcyclists

On behalf of Gordon Law Offices, Ltd.   |  May 14, 2021   |  Motorcycle Accident
Riding a motorcycle at curves and turns

Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of accidents at curves and turns. They often crash when going around curves because of losing control. Accidents at turns often occur because of negligent drivers who fail to take their time to check for motorcyclists before turning.


Turns pose one of the most dangerous situations for motorcyclists. The biggest risk at turns is drivers failing to see the motorcycle riders, thereby turning and violating the riders’ right of way. As a result, riders are advised to try making eye contact with other drivers at turns when possible. When a rider and the other driver make eye contact, chances are good that the driver will know the motorcycle is there and avoid pulling out. Motorcyclists should also wear clothing and striping that make them more conspicuous.

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are largely dependent on other drivers doing what is required of them and looking several times before turning to avoid accidents with motorcycles and other vehicles. Victims of motorcycle accidents caused by drivers who turned unsafely can pursue compensation for their injuries with the help of motorcycle accident lawyers.

Riders are more vulnerable to injuries when involved in accidents because they do not have the same level of crash protection as the people in motor vehicles. For example, in 2018, of the 508 accidents that occurred in Chicago involving motorcycles, injuries were sustained in close to 60% of them. That is unlike the accidents involving buses, passenger vehicles, and vans or mini-vans, in which less than 20% of the crashes resulted in injuries.


Many single-vehicle motorcycle accidents occur around curves after riders lose control. When motorcyclists fail to navigate curves safely, they leave themselves at risk of injury from patches of debris on the road, other vehicles, and other potential road hazards. Research has shown that the sharper a curve is, the more mentally and physically challenging riding through the curve may be for motorcyclists.

The safest way for motorcycle riders to travel on curves is slowly and carefully. Slowing down when approaching curves allows riders to check for hazards and have more time to choose the best way to handle the curve. When a rider takes a curve too fast and causes an accident, the passenger could recover damages from the rider.

By becoming aware of the locations and situations that pose the most danger, such as curves and turns, motorcyclists can prepare adequately and make better decisions to help themselves stay safe.