Injured at the Zoo? Here’s What to Do

On behalf of Gordon Law Offices, Ltd.   |  Aug 16, 2021   |  Personal Injury
A family is feeding a giraffe in a zoo

If a person gets injured at a zoo, they should immediately report the incident to the zoo authorities and gather important information about the scene of the incident. The injured party should then seek immediate medical attention, even if they have no noticeable injuries.

The Course of Action After a Zoo Accident

Without having a medical report, filing a personal injury claim against the zoo can be an uphill task for the injured party. Negligent zoos can be held liable if a visitor sustains serious injuries on the premises.

Reporting the Accident Immediately

After a zoo accident, the injured party should immediately notify the zoo authorities. The injured party can notify either the nearest zookeeper or zoo manager. They should explain in detail the cause of the accident. It could be an escaped animal, falling into an animal closure, or slipping and falling due to a wet surface. After filing an incident report, the injured party should obtain a copy of it.

Collecting Relevant Information

The injured party should document important details of the zoo accident. A delay in gathering details about the accident can result in inaccurate information that can be contested in court. The injured victim should take time-stamped pictures of the accident scene and contact details of any eyewitnesses at the scene. If a slip and fall accident happens at the zoo because of a broken tile, the injured party should take a picture of it.

Seeking Medical Attention

The injured party should immediately visit a hospital or a qualified doctor for a thorough medical examination. Even if the victim has no noticeable injuries, they should still seek medical attention. Injuries may take days or even weeks for symptoms to manifest and can result in a serious financial impact in the future if left untreated. Lack of a medical report following a zoo accident can disadvantage the victim should they need to file an injury claim against the zoo.

Suing a Negligent Zoo

Accidents occur at the most unexpected moments, and zoos are no exception. If a person suffers serious injuries due to a zoo’s negligence, they can file a premises liability lawsuit against that zoo. An injury lawyer can evaluate the facts of the accident and collect convincing evidence to prove the zoo was the liable party.